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Dry risers should be inspected visually every 6 months and fully tested annually to BS9990/2006. This is the responsibility of the managing agents or owners of the building. When the system is fully checked it is important that it is tested to 10 Bar pressure for 15 minutes (this is something that other smaller testing appliances aren't able to achieve).

A few photos below depict some of our dry riser testing work.
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One of our full-size fire appliances can be used to test your dry risers
The system must be fully checked and tested at 10 Bar pressure for 15 minutes
Dry riser testing in progress
Correct signage is missing on this installation
Dry riser systems need to be clearly identified
A diagram of a typical dry riser system
One of our fire appliances capable of testing and servicing the dry riser system
We can provide a whole host of spares and replacement parts including delivery valves,
Leather straps and padlocks keyed alike,
and gasket sets as well as all our replacement parts for dry riser systems.

Wessex Fire and Rescue Service offer dry riser inspection/testing services and provide this service for a number of companies within the local area as well as much of the UK. All our crews are fully trained firefighters and WFRS of course have public liability insurance. On completion we will provide you with a report and a certificate of certification (if the dry riser passes).

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